Monday, August 25, 2014

Dal Ka Dulha(Chapati with Split chick peas curry) –North Indian Style

This is a regional dish of Uttar Pradesh that is regionally named as ‘Dal Ka Dulha’ or ‘Phara’.Daal ka dulha or if we could make literal meaning “Groom of split chick peas”.It is somewhat similar to pasta dip in curry. Although people have given very funny names to it,you must try it once and you will start making it every now and then.

Even I did not try it myself up till now.I always had it at my Dr.sis place and chances are I’m going to eat it forever at her place. :) She is smiling now reading this.Hahaha

Ok,some people asked me why I’m calling her doctor sis.Because she studied when there was few girls from my city had studied medical and it was taboo to send your daughter out to stay in hostel.Alhumdulillah with Allah's blessing's,we have a father who crossed all the odds and send us to study further.Allah has fulfilled his wish to educate all the children.Please pray for my parents Allah give them good health.Ameen


Russian Kebabs

T’day I am sharing a kebab recipe that I had during Ramadan time in Azam campus (Pune),but did not know the recipe.Now I am glad to share the recipe that I got from my eldest sis.She makes yummy kebabs and she has told me the procedure of storing and each details of it. That I am going to share it with you.I can feel the taste while writing the post. ;) Mashallah she is such an awesome cook, well organized, she knows knitting and fabric stitching. People can have so much talent altogether!!!

Well,she knows all.
I did prepared large batch on Eid-ul-Fitr but did not manage to take a single snap.I would say this is yummiest kebab with lengthy procedure.(itna time liya!!sigh)
Check out the pictures straight from her kitchen.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mango Lassi/Mango-Yoghurt

When a man cut his hair short,she wanted to cut her hair short.When a man joined the army,she wanted to join the army.She wanted these things for no other reason than because the “standard” had them.

What she didn’t recognize was that god dignifies both men and women in their distinctiveness –not in their sameness.When we accept men as the standard,suddenly anything uniquely feminine becomes by definition infereior.Being sensitive in as insult, becoming a full-time mother-a degradation.In the battle between stoic rationally(considered masculine)and selfless compassion(considered feminine),rationally reigned supreme.ven our privilages women,we only degrade ourselves by trying to be something we are not-and in all honesty-don’t want to be:a man.As women,we will never reach true liberation until we stop trying to mimic men,and value the beauty in our god-given distinctiveness.

The above piece of writing is from my favorite book(Reclaim your Heart)written by Yasmin Mogahed.I’ve been following her on facebook and have loved her writing that make us to think and rethink about our existence.Her words penetrate in to our heart & take us near to the God.May Allah give her healthy & long life so people like us will gain more and more benefits!!!Ameen

Now,moving to the recipe part this is North Indian Recipe and relished by every Indian.;)
Mangoes and yoghurt is best combo to quench your thirst.Enjoy the best ever mango lassi before the mango season go!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Aloo,Palak & Methi Sabzi/Fresh Leafy Vegetables

I do not eat fresh leafy vegetables even though knowing the health benefits.I tried to incorporate it in my diet but failed to do so...We cook it very often(Family favourites)and this is the reason of my posting this recipe.
Cleaning and plucking the leaves is more tiring and time consuming compared to cooking...Arrghh My mom does this job...:)Thanks Ammi Hugs & kisses
Note down the Aloo,Palak & Methi sabzi recipe.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Whole Red Lentil Curry/Masoor Dal Recipe

Whole Red lentils(Sabut Masoor Daal)are brown skinned and inside orange colour.It is healthy, nutritious and loaded with protein. Lentils are good source of iron.
Summer is best season to cook lentils and eat vegetables.When I was kid,my Abbu always tell us during summer eating light food is good for health.Now,I have experienced after eating non-vegan we feel thirstier and sweat a lot. Because heavy foods require more,time to digest.
This is my favourite Daal and learned from my Ammi,so enjoy the healthy meal.

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