Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nutella Banana Milkshake

Summer vacation has started and kids need more attention.They put whole energy in to playing games and Mom’s need to recharge their kiddu’s.This Nutella Banana milkshake is easy,tasty & healthy recipe.

I need to save this milkshake and drink later when I return after giving my ANMOL vote.Tomorrow going to vote although this is not my first vote but I’ve HOPE,we will get the government who believes in equality,who will empower women...Who gives us protection…Who don’t believe in caste and do not support racism…who think above all we all are human being and need to be treated equally.

Some of you may have already voted. Have you voted the right candidate?
Your one vote is precious use it wisely.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Cake Rusk

When I was baking cake rusk I was not aware that is going to be a big hit at my home.Alhamdulillah,I am baking it for the fifth time after my first experiment went well. This is perfectly twice baked cake,crispy,sugary & perfect tea partner.;)

Namoona/Green Peas Stir Fry-Microwave Recipe( LG Convection Microwave Oven)

Why I have become lazy? It is so hard to lift a blanket early in the morning,breaking my own resolution of the year 2014.I hate myself not doing it.You know what my inner voice say’s to me;Hey Rashida,keep trying this is the starting days of this year and you have 353 more days to work on your resolution.
What do you think?
I think I should not get despair and pay heed to my inner voice.
What is your resolution of this year?Have you made any?

Happy New Year folks!May Allah shower his blessings and brings joy to each of us.

Now coming to the recipe part Green peas blooms heavily in winter and use in various forms like Matar Rice,Aloo Matar,Matar Paneer and so on.Namoona(local term)is a stir fry green peas could serve with tea in evening.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Almond & Honey Cookies/Diabetic Friendly

These cookies have no sugar yet taste good. Yes,you are reading it correctly.These cookies are diabetic friendly and kids like it,which I discover when my nephew tasted it and asked for more cookies.Hence,Mom’s out there this is good news for all of you,Cookies contains Almond & Honey,health wise it is good.
I have made these cookies for my parents.Diabetic patient has to be careful on their sugar intake and my parents are suffering type 2 diabetic from last 8-10 years.My parent do cheating when they have high sugar level they make me to cancel their doctor’s appointment I have to reschedule it later dates.They really do everything to make it better.Be it walking,avoiding foods that could increase their sugar level. 
Alhamdulillah,Now,they know what to eat & avoid,check their sugar at home using device.They know the highest reading and low blood sugar.Low point is also dangerous for these patients.It could cause a great risk to any body organ.
These days they are more caution towards their diabetic seeing this I have decided to bake something for them.My heart has filled with gratitude when I got green signal from them.I do not like sharing the recipes that has botched at my home.:-)

You can gift it your loved ones. :-)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Radish Pickle/Mooli Pickle/Shredded Radish Pickle

This is the rare kind of pickle and one of my favorites too.There are few recipes called for shredded radish but all involves quick pickle or there is storage problem.You must have to refrigerate but you do not have to do this here.This is authentic recipe and you can utilize the pickle almost six month without worrying.

The whole process involves 3 days starts from grating the white radish roots;dry it after you mix it with Turmeric & Salt and finally drying after adding other ingredients.Store it in airtight bottles and use dry serving spoon. If you are making a large batch of Radish Pickle, divide it,keep the pickles in to separate small bottle that you can keep on your dining table and you do not have to take stress of spoiling other half portion.(Yes,I saved some!;))

First time I've prepared pickle and that too Radish.All have done under Ammi’s guidance.
Ok,I will not write in detail as this ignorant roots has many plus points that need to be written a separate post.Let’s find out few benefits of Radish intake.
a.Eating raw edible roots keep,you hydrate and they are good source of antioxidants,minerals,vitamins and dietary fiber.
b.They act as good disinfectors to fight fever.Use radish juice to relieve inflammation.
c.It helps for Digestion,Blood pressure and Skin disease in various ways.

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