Monday, February 13, 2012

Layered Custard and Jelly Dessert

This is not just a dessert, I have quiet good memory with the layered custard jelly. During my hostel days when my best roommate  changed her Tiffin service (after having lots of disgust foods.). Kokni aunty gave her special dessert for taking her tiffin and we loved sharing. ;) It was my first and last dessert. She never repeated the same dessert... (really waited for her yummy dessert).
I tried it myself and on my second attempt, I got a delicious & eye capturing dessert.
My family enjoyed the dessert. I'm posting it on Valentines Day so, you have enough time to make your family happy.
Go for it...

Custard powder5 tsp
Milk1/2 lit
Sugar75 gm
Crystal Jelly(strawberry)1 packet
Almond & Pistachio 10-12
Marie gold Biscuit 6 pcs.

  1. Make up the Strawberry Jelly according to packet instructions.
  2. Pour it in to circular mold and set aside to cool. Refrigerate it for 2-3 hours.
  3. Place the Biscuits on top of jelly.
  4. Dissolve custard powder in 2tbsp milk.
  5. Put the milk on stove and bring it to boil.
  6. Add sugar and stir occasionally till it dissolve.
  7. Add the custard paste and stir continuously to avoid any lump.
  8. Once it gets thicken remove it from heat and allow it cool while continue stirring.
  9. Pour the custards over half-ready mold.
  10. Decorate it with crushed dry fruits and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  11. Cut them in to pieces and enjoy chilled Layered custard jelly dessert. 
Sending it to Srav's Culinary Concept.

  RS Notes :-)
  • For Jelly: use less water for the required amount. Otherwise, it will take one day to set properly and you can continue your half procedure to next day.
  • If you get small and cute little glass instead of big mold for the recipe, you do not need to cut it and can be served it one glass for one person. For that, you need to empty your refrigerator...;)



  1. I like the piece :)yumm
    we usually enjoy it as a whole in bowl,but its looking good in a slice form too..
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for appreciating my effort. :)

  3. wow it looks like deliciuos
    thanks for share it with us

  4. Rashida
    can i invite u to join my blog? ^.^
    it will makes me so happy thanks Dearù

    1. Sure..
      Enjoy your stay.Take care.:)

  5. Very delicious n yummy ones!!

    Erivum Puliyum

  6. wow.....very yummy dear...lovely combo.....custaqrd n strawberry jelly goes well...

  7. Thanks Rashida for follow

  8. Awww, Thank you so much for asking darling, I am not feeling that well to keep writing about food and blogging lately, I am just too worried about my babies :'( I wish I'll be able to find them soon,,xx

  9. Loved the layers... very exciting. Am sure it will be amazing in individual glasses too... perfect on the party table. Thanx for sharing dear... Happy V day ..!

  10. wonderful recipe !! looks very delicious !! Thanks for linking to the event !!

    Ongoing event CC-Dish For Loved Ones

  11. Chk

    1. It's my immense pleasure to receive my first blog award from you. I’ll update it soon in my space.
      Thanks Surabhi.

  12. This is such an easy crowd pleaser. Make up a big tray and done. Haven't tried with the biscuits though, sounds yum!

  13. It looks very colorful ! delicious ! and tasty. jelly and custard ...................good combination .

  14. when i saw this post (first time) couldn't control my craving for the jelly dessert . you have inspired me by your recipes. i made it today. i will share it as soon as possible. if you have free time pls feel free to visit my blog nirmani's lanka kitchen. best regarding from maldives.

    1. Hi Nirmani,
      You are so good, thanks for trying my recipe. I'll definitely follow you.

  15. So easy and delicious! Hi I have a event + giveaway on my blog Plz do take a look Keep Blogging!


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