Friday, December 13, 2013

Radish Pickle/Mooli Pickle/Shredded Radish Pickle

This is the rare kind of pickle and one of my favorites too.There are few recipes called for shredded radish but all involves quick pickle or there is storage problem.You must have to refrigerate but you do not have to do this here.This is authentic recipe and you can utilize the pickle almost six month without worrying.

The whole process involves 3 days starts from grating the white radish roots;dry it after you mix it with Turmeric & Salt and finally drying after adding other ingredients.Store it in airtight bottles and use dry serving spoon. If you are making a large batch of Radish Pickle, divide it,keep the pickles in to separate small bottle that you can keep on your dining table and you do not have to take stress of spoiling other half portion.(Yes,I saved some!;))

First time I've prepared pickle and that too Radish.All have done under Ammi’s guidance.
Ok,I will not write in detail as this ignorant roots has many plus points that need to be written a separate post.Let’s find out few benefits of Radish intake.
a.Eating raw edible roots keep,you hydrate and they are good source of antioxidants,minerals,vitamins and dietary fiber.
b.They act as good disinfectors to fight fever.Use radish juice to relieve inflammation.
c.It helps for Digestion,Blood pressure and Skin disease in various ways.

A.Washed and kept in water to remove dirt if any.
B.Posing Radish/Playing with Mooli.
D.Mixed with Turmeric & Salt and kept it under sunlight.
(What a beautiful shiny day! I kept on flowerpot. Take a glimpse of Rose leaves ;-))


Adapted: Ammi's
Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Drying Time : 6-8 hours
Maturation Time: 1-2 days 
Yields: 1-medium size bowl

Radish(roots)1/2 kg
Turmeric1 tsp
To Roast:
Fenugreek seeds(Methi)1/2  tsp
Mustard seeds(black)1tsp
Fennel seeds(Saunf)1tsp
Nigella Sativa(Kalonji)1/2tsp
Carom seeds(Ajwain)1/2tsp
Cumin seeds(Zeera)3tsp
Coarsely Grind:
Green Chilies16
Garlic Pod1(approx2--25Cloves)
Split Mustard Seeds(rai dal)1 tsp

  1. Wash the radish roots by rubbing it with your hands.(or leave in water for sometimes to remove soils & stubborn dirt)
  2. Wipe them with kitchen towel and grate the radish using grater.(use large hole grater)
  3. Mix the turmeric & salt and keep them to dry up for 6-8 hours.Until they are ready to be mixed with other ingredients(check the above pic 'D' section)
  4. Grind the ingredients listed under 'To Roast' and keep it aside.
  5. Add 'Coarsely Grind' & grounded ingredients(step4) to radish mixture;mix it properly adding oil.
  6. Keep the radish pickle for maturating under sunlight for 2 days. (depending on the availability of sunlight for 12 hours to totally dry up)
  7. Store the matured Radish pickle in to airtight bottle and savour it time to time.

  RS Notes :-) 
  • Get the large radish to prepare pickles. You can save some grating time,as small ones are risky to grate and need more precaution.Mostly nails get hurt during fast grating.I haven't any planned to make pickle,it just my Ammi bought Radish leaves to cook and it has so fresh roots. :-)
  • Refer my post how to prepare Khtayi at home and Green chili pickle.


  1. Radish pickle sounds very interesting, new to me. Wonderful recipe!

    1. Yeah, sure it is. So, when you are trying it?

  2. Nice clicks

  3. Hi Rashida, interesting recipe. Love all the spices you used. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    1. Really! you too have a great week ahead Amelia.

  4. Nice pickle. First time heard about Radish pickle

    1. I knew it, I never get to see it anywhere else :-)

  5. this looks wonderful Thank you for the wishes :) I wish a healthy and happy Happy New Year to you and family

  6. Rashida, since I love radishes, white, or the preparation and recipe of the interesting and healthy radish pickle to spice up some favorite dishes. Thanks for sharing the recipe...and thank you for your good wishes for the new year! I wish you all the best, and a happy, and healthy new year ahead!

  7. That's certainly quite interesting cause I've not tried these pickles. Happy holidays, Rashida!


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