Saturday, February 23, 2013

Firni / Rice Pudding

Ammi,can I lick off the pan”. This is what we used to ask every time my Ammi(Mother)makes Firni.
When she fills up all the bowls, there is scrapes left on the sidewall of cooking pan and we enjoys licking off the pan with the index finger.
Did you do the same? Or your kiddu has asked you something like that?
Now, you can see since childhood I’m eating this Firni and things related to our childhood always gets special place to our Heart. This is the reason I wanted to present it to you in a different style, and Alhumduliallah, certainly I have achieved my goal. I took extra effort to make Firni visually appealing.
Firni or you can say rice pudding, the procedure calls for soaked rice and it use to thicken the milk and settled as per your mould shape.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dhokla/Microwave Recipe/Gram flour Cake

I like Khaman Dhokla and I do remember first time I tried making dhokla at home using Gits dhokla instant packet. It was fluffy, but then we like to try from scratch. Now, I‘m making it in microwave and it’s less time consuming than steaming method.
If you do not have microwave use gas stove, I’ll let you know the steaming process too.
Dhokla is very famous Gujarat savoury item, beside this it is less time consuming and healthy snacks.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mutton Do Pyaza

Mutton Do Pyaza or Mushroom Do Pyaza or it could be chicken Do Pyaza all taste yum-yum and some may don’t like it at all because the basic concept is adding lots of onion and it may turn your dish little sweeter and we balance the taste with adding lots of green chilies. ;)

If you are interested to know, why it has named as Do Pyaza here I will tell you “two” in Hindi language is call “DO” and Onion is “Pyaza/Pyaaz”. 

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