Thursday, March 21, 2013

Homemade Green Grape Popsicles

Now,there is so much heat outside and everyone trying their own to keep them cool & calm. The best easy ways to hydrate is keep drinking water and enjoys this summer with these ‘Summer Drinks'.
I have made the homemade green grapes Popsicle without any hassle.Smooth texture sweet and tart flavor has made grapes more popular.These tiny berries are the storehouse of numerous nutrients and antioxidants.If I start writing about health, benefits of green grapes it will take complete post but would like to include some are:
  • Concentrated grapes juice can be good remedy for Migraine.
  • They are good for indigestion & constipation as it is contain antioxidant & vitamins.
  • Fresh orange juice or grapes and seeds are use to decrease wrinkles.
It means this popsicles has no side effects except you can catch cold ;) Aaachii
Now,go try it do not wait for next summer even if you do not have Popsicle mold freeze them in ice tray or ketchup serving mini bowls.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Roohafza & Almond Milkshake

Do you know the literally meaning of Rooh Afza?        
Some of you may know and do not worry even if you do not know I will explain you.
Rooh afza literally means the drink that nurtures your soul. Rooh meaning ‘Soul’ & afza means ‘enhancing or increasing’.No wonder this drink work as refreshner to the soul who had it will agree with me.
Rooh Afza is concentrated syrup made with fruits & vegetable extracts.Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed is the person behind this cooler invented in 1906.They are very popular drink and their sale scale increases during Ramadan.There are large numbers of people who break their fast with Rooh afza.Moreover, we do not need to refrigerate the bottle after opening it first time unlike other syrups, which are settled in refrigerator and do not evacuate the place unless we finish it to the last. ;)
I’ve got chance to taste Pakistani Rooh Afza and I must say Indian Rooh Afza is much better and I can differentiate it very easily because I’ve been drinking it from my childhood. :D
This is most loved drink and always present in our home,my Abbu never forget to purchase Rooh Afza.
There are variety of ways to consume it and they are good remedy for hot summer winds.
You make a Sharbat or Kulfi and Faloodeh all tastes yum-yum.

I am sharing the recipe the way we drink it…

Raw Mango & Mint Dip/Kairi Pudina Chutney

We, Indians savour chutney with so many fritter and cannot imagine Samosa without chutney. There are so many variety of chutney and this one is seasonal. Raw mango is one of the main ingredients and when my Ammi bought them, I could not wait to make chutney.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lemonade/Nimbu Paani

Lemonade has also known as limu paani or Nimbu Paani. This is the most popular and effortless drink. Roadside vendors serve one glass in 5-6 INR, but this very refreshing and quench thirst quickly. Everyone make it with little variation by adding ginger juice or pudina. Lemons are natural antibiotics and kill germs. When use with baking soda act as cleaner and remove stains on plastic food containers.

Let's beat the heat with this citrus fruit…

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pudina Lassi / Indian yoghurt drink

Lassi(buttermilk)and Aloo Parathe(Potato stuffed chapatti),wow what a lovely combination.Who is not aware of Punjabi invention;)unfortunately,I only have lassi and do not underestimate the drink people who had it know the benefits and cannot deny the taste left on their tongue,refreshing drink and great remedy for gastroenteritis.
Lassi has consumed with different variations some may add cumin powder,mint powder or mango lassi or pudina lassi that we are going to learn.:)

Mint Powder/Pudina Powder

Fresh mint or mentha are aromatic plant that has many culinary and medicinal uses. They are good for digestion, help to alleviate symptoms, including throat and mouth inflammation and sinus infections.
They are good to recover nausea when taking with fennel seeds and pinch of black salt.(My father’s advice)
I’ve come across a beauty site feel to share it with you. Lovely site with lots of product review, even I have to explore it. If you wish to apply homemade face pack get them here.(try it on your own risk.)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Chikoo Milkshake

Earlier Mom’s used to say come on beta (or my child) have it this is healthy drink and we just gulp down without raising a single question.
Today’s kids, if you offer a drink they will ask you ‘Healthy’ (raised eyebrows) in which sense?
Is this contains antioxidant or DHA?
Ismein hai Aaunty (it sound’s aunty where she meant to say anti), did you see the latest advertisement on T.V? :)
Do not get surprise to hear it. Kids learn fast and grasp more than 70% of what has shown on television?(Videos leave a great impact on them hindering their imagination process)

So be prepared and keep yourself update. I will put a little information about Chikoo hope it will help you and if you know more please let us know.

Chikoo or sapodilla are known differently in different country comes in oval or sometimes round shape fruit which has sweet taste and it contains 2-5 black seeds. This fruit is rich in antioxidant and good source of other minerals like Potassium, copper.
I’ve talked about antioxidants if you are interested to know what they are here is the link

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Khichda-Hyderabadi Style

What is khichda?
I want to tell you what it is. It’s a combination of lentils and meat, looks like kind of porridge. It is loaded with proteins, carbohydrates and starch.

Khichda is Hyderabadi (India) delicacy and one of my favourite dishes. I do not know the authentic recipe but everyone cook in almost similar way.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Kiwi Juice

Once I was travelling in a local train, as it happened so many times. I stay in Mumbai and one how could avoid travelling in a local train?
Did you ever get chance to experience Mumbai local trains?
I tell you how it is, if you travel during office peak hours. That usually starts from Monday to Friday at 7am-11am to 4pm-11pm
There is huge crowd pushing you so hard that you don’t need to walk on your feet. :D
Seriously, jammed and if you don’t balance to your feet someone must going to punch her high heels on to your innocent feet. Somehow, you manage to board the train there are fewer chances you get place to seat. If you are new must never travel during rush hours.
Oops! Some topic makes us to keep writing, RIGHT!
So, I was travelling and you know the funny part in such congested place hawkers come to sell their stuff, Hats off to their bravery!
Here the woman come, she was selling Kiwis. I took 6 kiwis as I’hve seen so many lovely cakes decorated with Kiwis. I found it unappealing from outer covering, but its beautiful inside with black edible seeds. I made two glasses of kiwi juice and it was something I would give 7 points out of 10.
Weather is not good in Mumbai, nights are cold & breezy air reminds you “It’s not the right time to keep your blanket inside the closets” where as the day is sunny and tells you to “keep your self hydrated.”
Don’t you feel like trying it? go ahead, get the recipe...

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