Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kanda Poha/Onion Poha

Poha is prepared from flattened rice flakes, which are nutritious and tasty snacks.It takes less time to prepare and can be packed to kid’s lunch box.My friend Annu used to bring it in college days.She makes really good poha, missed you dear.NOoo actually your poha;)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gajar Halwa/Diabetic friendly Carrot Dessert

I have already posted gajar halwa long back that you can see here. Now I have prepared it especially for my Ammi & Abbu.However,my ammi does not like the sugar free halwa as much due to tongue sour taste of sugar free tablets.

Although you have diabetes,you can’t run away from these kind of tablets.Note down the tablets quantity and follow the same procedure of cooking halwa that you know.

Masala Beef –Kolhapuri Style

This is among few recipes which you have not decided,no preparation,nothing.You are just going along with your mood and ta-da(exclaimed).This turned out so well!!!

May be this is not authentic kolhapuri recipe but matches in so many ways.Therefore,I decided the name too.;)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dal Ka Dulha(Chapati with Split chick peas curry) –North Indian Style

This is a regional dish of Uttar Pradesh that is regionally named as ‘Dal Ka Dulha’ or ‘Phara’.Daal ka dulha or if we could make literal meaning “Groom of split chick peas”.It is somewhat similar to pasta dip in curry. Although people have given very funny names to it,you must try it once and you will start making it every now and then.

Even I did not try it myself up till now.I always had it at my Dr.sis place and chances are I’m going to eat it forever at her place. :) She is smiling now reading this.Hahaha

Ok,some people asked me why I’m calling her doctor sis.Because she studied when there was few girls from my city had studied medical and it was taboo to send your daughter out to stay in hostel.Alhumdulillah with Allah's blessing's,we have a father who crossed all the odds and send us to study further.Allah has fulfilled his wish to educate all the children.Please pray for my parents Allah give them good health.Ameen


Russian Kebabs

T’day I am sharing a kebab recipe that I had during Ramadan time in Azam campus (Pune),but did not know the recipe.Now I am glad to share the recipe that I got from my eldest sis.She makes yummy kebabs and she has told me the procedure of storing and each details of it. That I am going to share it with you.I can feel the taste while writing the post. ;) Mashallah she is such an awesome cook, well organized, she knows knitting and fabric stitching. People can have so much talent altogether!!!

Well,she knows all.
I did prepared large batch on Eid-ul-Fitr but did not manage to take a single snap.I would say this is yummiest kebab with lengthy procedure.(itna time liya!!sigh)
Check out the pictures straight from her kitchen.


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