Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fried Green Tomatoes

Green tomatoes are unripe tomatoes, which has their own taste.I have shared chutney recipe and now this lovely fried tomatoes could be a good appetizer or accompany your evening tea.
I did not buy corn meal,luckily roasted corns was lying here and there for so long and sadly they have lost their crispiness so I roasted them and grounded in a mixer and stored in a refrigerator.This is all I did because of my mother,she told me to save it for later use or use where you need corn flour. Yet, none of us used it,and Ammi was angry. ;)However, all happened for good,this recipe needed corn meal,best ever utilized.
Cornmeal is one of the most important ingredients thus get the best one.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Egg Curry

We consume egg in various ways and strangely,I am not clicking pictures hence not shared single post of egg.In shaa Allah,this is first entry in to egg collections.
Egg has staple to our breakfast knowing the health benefits and other reason is time saving dish.Boil it,scramble it use it anyways you wish.
“Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao ande”
We have heard this advertisement(National Egg Co-ordination committee(NECC))while growing up and now we know the reason behind such encouragement.
We have realized the nutritious value of eggs.Egg is a storehouse of vital nutrients and contains 80 calories and 5g fat,13 g protein.This information is valuable for those who do not eat eggs due to scare of being fat.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Khajuri is a mixture of plain flour mix with sugar,Parle-G biscuits and rub it with ghee making firm dough,shape it and deep fry in hot oil.These cute sweets are coming straight from my sister’s(sol’s)kitchen.I have shown her earlier recipe here and now this is second recipe from her.

Sol sis prepares food very quickly,I can say with a blink of your eyes.She can serve you best meal even if you reach at her home without any prior notice.She will not get nervous and neither will you see a single line on her forehead,Mashallah this is her best quality among others.Head over to her recipe…

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Green Tomatoes Dip/Hare Tamatar Chutney

Green Tomatoes are not easily available in market here.My mother picked it during her daily veggie shopping.I did not know it would give so much taste,try this easy to follow recipe if you get unripe tomatoes.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kulcha/Flat bread recipe using Plain flour

There is a difference between kulcha and Naan.Kuklcha making process does not require yeast.I wanted to try Naan or Kulcha so I started looking for the perfect recipe and bump at Rak’s kitchen.We tend to use ingredients available in our kitchen so little bit changes here and there and Kulcha has turned out so well.It needs patience and time but the reward is big,everyone liked it that is the reason we cook,agreed?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Chole Masala Recipe/Chickpeas Gravy

When I get my Pc,sitting alone in my room writing about my blogs and browsing and hop over to other blogs while sipping a coffee gives me worlds.I say Alhumdulilllah,what else do I need in life.Do not disturb me for next 6 to 7 hours.;)wow what a life!I just loved it. :-*.Wish I could get it more often.
Hmm I will tell you what I did today.I was exploring my favorites fellow blogger’s site and my expression went from OMG to AWWW ;)Each blog is unique in its own ways.I liked reading Rafeeda’s Post,she was talking about change that she wants to bring in her personality.Introspection is good for all of us it makes us better human.Agreed?

Later I move on to Sharmiss site and she is one of my inspirations,her simplicity attracts me.I’m going to try her Baby Corn Masala recipe that looks delicious.

Lastly,I watched Pakistani drama‘Ishq mein Tere’,Where I get the inspiration of the day.These lines said by starring female character

“Zindagi har haal mein jeene ka naam h.
Andheron mein raushni dhundna wo hunar h jisse aap khushiyon ko mustaqil kar sakte h.
Zindagi kabhi bhi ek nuqte p a k nahi rukti,
Koi khwahish akhri nahi hoti,
Koi baat akhri nahi hoti
Koi mohabbat akhri nahi hoti"
(Which means live your life to fullest; finding a light in the darkness is an art so you can reserve happiness to yourself.
Life never end up at one point,
No wish is the last wish
No talk last forever
No love is the last love)
Now,head over to recipe,follow the simple procedure.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Saijan ki phalli and Chana dal/Drumsticks with Split Bengal gram

South Indian Sambar would have no importance in absence of this simple drumstick that gives lots of taste to any dish.You can cook it as curry form or with some lentils.Drumstick(Saijan ki phalli)has many benefits to health.It relieves cold,builds health,and controls fatigue.

Let’s savor this drumsticks in my way…

Monday, September 15, 2014

Paneer Bhurji/Indian Cottage Cheese

Paneer bhurji and Egg bhuriji is a quick fix to our breakfast.Protein loaded this panner gives scrumptious taste to any dish.Paneer is my favourite and I’ve shared my favourite recipes here Paneer Tikka and Paneer Oats Kebabs.
Paneer and capsicum is the best combination I guess.Panner Bhurji requires scrambled paneer that is not pleasing to my eyes’ hence I have cut them in to cubes.For me dish is pleasing to eye is pleasing to stomach and undoubtedly this colourful bhurji is appealing to kid’s.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ghee Cake

Ghee cake was my first ever-baked cake!!!
Ghee cake is taking me to memory lane how I first time touched the oven and browsing through the manual which has two,three recipe I got Plain vanilla cake recipe.To which I replaced the butter with ghee because ghee was abundance in my kitchen and I did not know that ghee cake also exist on this earth.:)It was the time when we used internet through cyber café only and Sanjeev Kapoor was the only chef we know. I only enter in to the kitchen when I feel to experiment and exactly when everyone is taking afternoon nap.This is the perfect time to create something and no one can disturb you.I do remember how I used dairy milk chocolates as topping on my cake.After a long-long time I baked this ghee cake and hurriedly took pictures to share it with you.
Would you like to see my first video recipe?I would appreciate your positive feedback's,hopefully you like it.Check the video at the end of the post or you can see it on this link.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rikwach-Colocasia Leaves Fritter

It seems to me that our three basic needs,for food and security and love,are so mixed and mingled and entwined that we cannot straightly think of one without the others.So it happens that when I write of hunger,I am really writing about love and the hunger for it,and warmth and the love of it and the hunger for it…and then the warmth and richness and fine reality of hunger satisfied…and it is all one.” 
―M.F.K. Fisher,The Art of Eating:50th Anniversary Edition

While e-reading I found this quote,it stuck in my head and I’m sharing it here to re-read it whenever I browse my online food diary. Really, we are hungry for love,food,and security and we cannot deny it.

Now to the recipe during my childhood I feel creepy to see the layers fritter and never feel like eating it.While grow up scenario has changed I like to have it any time even in my dinners.I wonder how this simple leaves can gives you so much taste.

Colocasia are also called as elephant ears or taro leaves.Taro corms are also edible.This plant is cultivated in swamp area.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SaagPyta/Gram lentils with Spinach/Palak Chana Dal

Yesterday,I was talking about Saag Payta and fortunately,I got a chance to show you this dish.This time I remembered to add dil leaves.:)

SaagPyta” that is what I heard from people around me.It has Spinach,dil leaves and Bengal lentils(chana dal).This Palak chana dal is very easy to prepare and tasted too good with rice.You can have it as main meal in your lazy days or as side dish along with Paneer or fried Chicken.

Yes,yes I cooked saag pyta and custard in dessert and I was in hurry to click that I forget to keep rice plate here.Oops!Nowadays,I keep forgetting things.I need to have soaked almonds. ;)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Aloo Soya/ Potatoes with dill leaves

Ammi bought Soya to cook Saagpayta(dish name) and I forget to add.Oops!
Dill leaves and potatoes blend well together so I cooked soya aloo in breakfast and this is how I rescued myself.;)It tasted good with Pav.

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