Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pav Bhaji-A famous street food of Mumbai

I do not feel good to see how badly vegetables has mashed to become one and served as Pav Bhaji but I have to admit they taste so good that you cannot stop eating unless you finish with two pav.;)
Yummy Potatoes,beautiful cauliflower,most savoured green peas and tangy tomatoes mix with red chili,pav bhaji masala to bring awesome taste to it…Topped with Mr.Butter and fresh coriander leaves,roasted buttery Pav.You cannot dare to refuse to have a bite and then you can’t stop.;)

Most of you have had Pav Bhaji during their visits to Mumbai.This Indian Fast Food originated as Maharashtra cuisine and now served at most of the part of India.If you are health conscious,just skip the butter and enjoy the healthiest fast food.Yayyyyy! 

Recipe Source: IR
Preparation Time: 20 minutes 
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 5-6 person

Potatoes(diced)3 cups
Geen Peas(shelled)1 cup
Capsicum(small cubes)1/2 cup
Cauliflowers(cut small)2 cups
Carrots(diced small)1/2 cup
Ginger,garlic(paste)2 tsp
Salt1 tsp
Turmeric1/4 tsp
Red chili(pwd)3 tsp
Coriander(pwd)1 tsp
Pav Bhaji(pwd)2 tsp
Cumin seeds1/2 tsp
Butter2 tbsp
Oil2 tbsp
For Garnishing:
Coriander leaves1 cup
Lemon(cut in to wedges)3
Butter(Amul)50 gm

      1.Wash the vegetables and cut as suggested.
      2. In a pressure cook add vegetables,salt,turmeric and cook it until you hear one whistle at medium flame.Keep vegetable in a strainer.(add less than 1/2 cup water to avoid burning)
      3. Heat oil+butter in a heavy bottom pan.
      4. Add cumin seeds, let it splutter.
      5. Add ginger,garlic paste and stir it for 1 second.
      6. Stir chopped onions cook it until soft.
      7. Add chopped tomatoes and cook until it gets mushy and water evaporated.
      8.Add Pav bhaji masala,red chili powder,coriander powder and salt to taste.Cook it until oil separates out.
      9.Mix boiled vegetables and cook for 5-8 minutes at medium flame.
      10.Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves,chopped onions,sprinkle lemon juice and small cube of butter to each serving.
      11.Take small amount of butter on Pan.Roast Pav from both the sides in the heated butter by opening it.

  RS Notes :-) 
    • ·   I've used Everest brand Pav bhaji and red chili powder.
      ·   Homemade Pav Recipe.


  1. Anonymous11/3/15 20:13

    beautiful pictures


  2. I feel like grabbing that platter now...

  3. It looks good....i was thinking its quite difficult to i will surely love to cook...thanks for your recipe

    1. You are welcome,when you are making it and pls don't forget to share pics with us


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