Friday, January 30, 2015

Chicken Biryani

I do not know how I always forget to note down the ingredients of Chicken Biryani and last time I jotted down each details.HOWEVER,mistakenly delete the notes when sorting my mobile data.;( Poor, Rash…I had to scratch my head to write this post.I closed the door sat down in front of my PC while sipping Tea,completed the recipe.Alhamdulillah am glad I've included the recipe in to my online journal.
Nowadays,there is lot’s of recipes available to make Chicken Biryani.Do you know what is more important,apart from knowing the recipe?
Selecting the best rice and cooking it!Most people fail to cook Biryani Rice and foodies will not appreciate overcooked rice.
Let’s proceed to the recipe…

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bread Pakora/Potato Stuffed Bread Fritters

Bread pakoda is not something new,we do make it very often and that is how we ignore to post such recipes.They are quicker to make and loved by each family member’s and you know the reason,right!

After Vada Pav these are widely served at Mumbai’s roadside stalls.They are tasty,easily available and does not burden on your pockets.
links you required to complete this Snack!
Tamarind sauce

Friday, January 23, 2015

Chicken Stuffed Gift Box

They looks cute isn’t it?
They grabbed my attention during Ramadan and I couldn’t control my temptation to make such an eye appealing fried gift.;)
Preparing 15 Chicken Stuffed gift box is not a single-hand job and that too in Ramadan when everything needs to done before Maghrib Adhan.Thus,with the help of my Angel & Nephew's I’ve achieved my goal.:)

I got the recipe here,please have a look she is a fabulous blogger.You will get a chance to learn a lot.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mix Vegetables(DRY)

I really enjoy cooking and eating mix vegetables but if you serve me separately all this veggies except Brinjal,nothing will go inside my mouth(someone save me,plz!).Instead,I will have Ammi k pickles with steamed rice & Dal. hehe

Friday, January 16, 2015

Dalcha-Uttar Pradesh Style

Dalcha is a mixture of Chana dal,mutton or beef and bottle gourd.I’ve seen many recipes of Dalcha but all they use Pigeon Peas with little addition of Split Bengal gram.While growing up I always relish Dalcha at home and did not know there is any other kind too exist.Later I found Mutton Dalcha(Pune Style),both this dishes are unique in their own way.Try both the styles and make out differences yourself,have Dalcha with steamed Rice or Zeera Rice.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baby Corn Masala Recipe

When I saw these baby corns in market,I was wondering what dishes I can prepare and finally I got the recipe.It left scrumptious taste on my tongue. Do serve it while it is hot,best taste with Kulcha.Recipe is from her space, if you remember I have talked about her. Do check it here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Karela Chana Daal/Bitter gourd with Split Bengal gram

May be bitter gourd pictures doesn't look appetizing and that's because one of my ingredients khatayi that you can replace it with Amchur powder.I want you to try it before making wrong assumptions.Like I said before(Karela-Stir fry)eat this hateful vegetable in my way and you are gonna love it.;)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Spicy Ladyfinger Recipe/Besan wali Bhindi-Marwari Style

Okra or lady’s finger is one of my favorite vegetable that is delicious in taste and high in fiber,antioxidant’s & vitamins.
It helps to lose weight,improve your immunity and good for pregnant women.
If you never had,okra tries this recipe you might start loving it.

Look on ingredients list.;)You can make the procedure easy for you by preparing excess dry stuffing ingredients and store it to use whenever required.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Potato Rose Rolls

I have seen these cute rose rolls on Fauzia’s kitchen Fun FBpage long back.I have bookmarked it,as I knew these are an eye catcher and delicious snacks.What do you think?Are not you feeling guest will be happy to see these adorable rose served on their platter.
I used potato stuffing. This brings me feedback with raised eyebrows “Chicken would have paid off your hard work!”They were right I nodded my head in to affirmation.You do not repeat the same mistake as I did.:(
I was in so much hurry to give it try I did second mistake.You can clearly see it;forget to take stepwise picture that is needed for this recip.Take a glance on my ‘SAPMLE PICTURE’...hehehe ;)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pan-Fried Bombay Duck/Bombil

Bombay Duck are not a duck it is a fish easily found in Mumbai and Arabian Sea.Bombay Duck are sale in two forms one is fresh and secondly apply excess salt and dried naturally.Where fresh Bombay Duck and dried Bomaby Duck tastes differently.The dried version smells so strongly and not pleasing to nose at least I cannot tolerate it.Where fresh Bombay Duck is soft meat and often marinated with masala.
We use fresh Ajwain leaves to marinate the fish and it gives distinct flavor to this dish as well helps for digestion.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Gulab Jamun using Git’s Powder

Hi Readers,

During browsing my recipes folder I stuck on Chicken Biryani and staring at pictures,I realized how much SHE loves it.Yes,SHE is my youngest adorable sister who tried Chicken Biryani when she was in 9th grade and Alhumdulillah,now she is a doctor(B.P.Th).How time flies!!!(trip down memory lane :-)).
Imagine a school going girl has made Biryani,and that is because her love towards CHICKEN.Even on her B’days she would love to eat dishes made from Chicken be it Chicken Fried,Tikka or Chicken Rezala.She dislikes any kind of sweets including CHOCOLATES!
Who doesn’t like chocolates!(STRANGE)Anyway,I get the benefits and had all the chocolates she did receives on her B’days(wink).
T’days recipe is from my Angel sis,she makes remarkably good Gulab Jamuns.No cracks,even size balls and perfect sugar syrup,look at the lovely juicy Gullu’s.
If you are interested to make it from scratch, refer Gulab Jamun recipe here.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Aloo Matar/Potato with Green Peas

Change is necessity and requires for each of us,it helps us to grow.None of us likes to live a monotonous life,feels frozen.We keep making changes every now and then like trying out new hairstyle,mobile or job.We do it on purpose to feel lively and sometimes calamity enforced us to accept the change and if we fail to accept it,we fail to progress.
My favourite quote from Socrates:
“The Secret of CHANGE is to FOCUS all of your ENERGY,
Not on FIGHTING the OLD, but on BUILDING the NEW”
Alhumdulillah,I am experiencing so many changes in to my life and all are for good. Last year(2014)has ended on a good note and it has given me a reason to fresh start in upcoming years.
I am hoping you too have a good start and praying for each of us gets the best we deserve.Wishing all my readers,Happy New Year!
Now,over to recipe
We eat Aloo Matar during breakfast and this is beloved breakfast of my family.During winter season,Green Peas is widely used at my home.May be this is the reason I have posted many recipes here and have told you the benefits of consuming green peas in to your diet that you can check by simply clicking these recipes Namoona,GreenPeas Tikki,Minty Green Pea Soup,Green Peas Curry.

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