Salam to all!
I am Rashida the founder and the creator of this blog.

When this little blog born? 
 Once my younger bro has told me to keep a record of all family recipes and I thought it would be nice if I keep online journal so whole family could access it globally. Hence, I started blogging.

What I Like or dislike?
I was fascinated towards photography and like experimenting on new dishes preferably baking. I am an avid reader and my favourite books are Da Vinci code, Kite Runner, I have a dream, Namaz-e-nabwi and of course, Chetan Bhagats and Jeffery Archer. I hate backbiters and people who lies all the time, avoid being friends with them. 

What are my agenda towards life? 
Life has opportunity, each day brings you happiness, and it is totally up to you how you grab it. I personally feel if you stop exploring you are putting limitation to your capabilities and not growing, learning is eternal process. 

What are my plans? 
Inshallah, I will share all recipes that I have learned from my Ammi & Sisters and lovely bloggers who amazes me with their creativity.

Wants to say a few words to me???
If you have any query or suggestion, you can contact me I will get back to you as soon as possible.
There are so many ways to reach me; Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, networkedBlogs
Here you will find all treasured recipes…Thanks for visiting my site hope you like it.

Rashida Shaikh
Mumbai, India.

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