Home is not Home without MOM
“You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.”  Julia Child
Special Categories
Foods Around the World
“I am not a glutton-I am an explorer of food”  Erma Bombeck  
Non Vegetarian Recipes
Then eat of what Allah has provided for you [which is] lawful and good. And be grateful for the favor of Allah , if it is [indeed] Him that you worship. (Quran16:114) 
Vegetarian Recipes
Eating any vegetable is better than eating no vegetables at all
Rice Varieties
Even a cleverest woman can't cook a meal without RICE...Agreed!  
“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” Adelle Davis
 "It is just the beginning. This is the appetizer on the menu. You'll have to wait for the main course." Guenter Verheugen
Q: What Vegetables eliminates the need to brush your teeth?
Brussels Sprouts!

Snacks--Jub Hunger sataye Snacks ho jaye! 
I like Tea, Milkshakes & Smoothies. What do you like the most?
Well, desserts aren't always right. But they're so sweet! (The Simpsons)
Rashida's Bakehouse---Cook from Ur HEART!
Finally yet importantly, ‘categories’ that makes your meals complete.


  1. hi! you have a great blog,wanna follow each other,,,,follow me on GFC,bloglovin and twitter...let me know on my blog,,i will follow you :)

    1. Thanks for your visit and kind words to my blog. Dear there is no rule you have to follow me, do it willingly.

      Take care, bye.

  2. Hello Rashida, This is Namita from Ambrosia. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am here.....reading about you....browsing your sections. I loved the name "Inherited Recipes". How true....our cooking journey started in our mother's kitchen in our home. We always inherit family recipes and these are actually treasure troves that have to be preserved. I love your thought! There are a lot of lovely recipes here Rashida. Will keep coming here!

    1. Hi Namita,
      Yeah, I am happy with the decisions I made, blogging is something that I never want to stop now…Keeping all the treasured family recipe is now my responsibility. :)
      Thank you so much for appreciating my efforts, hope to see you often.


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